Caisy Changelog

1 December 2022

Image Editor

With this version we have integrated two new features into the frontend:

Image Editor:

Previously, we used a non-open source solution to edit images in the assets. To prepare for the upcoming open source launch of our platform, we have now replaced this dependency with our own solution.

Static Export:

Further this release includes small UX improvements, especially with regard to linked documents.

21 November 2022

Highlight syntax in the rich text editor

The rich text editor is now able to recognise the language of the inserted or written code snippet. Furthermore, it is possible to override the language and the language is also reflected in the client-side json of the rich text.

29 September 2022

Improved component linking and inline document linking

Following features have been added:

  • New button to quickly edit a inline document

  • Dropdown menu with options to publish, delete or duplicate linked inline documents

  • While linking exiting components you will now get a preview of component before the selection

14 August 2022

Moving Projects

We added a new feature allowing users to move there projects between groups and organizations.

29 July 2022

Project Duplication

We added Project Duplication feature

9 June 2022

Inline Linking

We introduced a new way to display linked documents, assets and components

21 May 2022

We announce our stable Release of v1 🎉

After a major refactor and rewrite of our application, we are happy to announce our new stable version 1.
On the technical side, we are moving from a monolithic Nodejs architecture to a Golang-based microservice architecture.

This rewrite also allowed us to introduce some breaking new features such as:

  • Division of documents into documents, components and assets. This lays the foundation for working with caisy in a more visual way.

  • Introduction of a tag system that allows both tagging blueprints and tagging documents

  • Added global search for project to the navigation

  • Created a advanced visual query builder for the document overview

  • Added text based search to multiple UI components: Blueprints, Views

  • Allow custom previews for each blueprint and reuse fields values in the url

  • Extend languages with fallback

  • Separation between shared and private views.

  • Document navigation structure for quickly jumping to document fields

Further there where some impactful improvements:

  • Overall dramatic performance improvement

  • Complete Update of the Web UI

25 October 2021

New richtext editor

We have completely reworked our richtext editor. The Richtext editor is faster and the user experience has been optimized.

23 July 2021

Dragging Images everywhere!

You can now upload images directly when you drag them from your desktop into caisy.

6 May 2021

Document Linking

To make it easier to link and jump between documents, we have redesigned the document linking. This allows you to jump back and forth between documents across multiple layers. Also, you can easily change the sort order by drag & drop.

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