Introduction how to use caisy

Here you can learn how work with caisy as a user. This documentation enables you to edit or maintain your websites, apps or whatever you are working on caisy at blazing speed.

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How do I become a power user.

Welcome to the documentation for caisy, a powerful headless CMS for building modern web and mobile applications. This documentation provides detailed information on how to work with caisy, including its features, capabilities, and requirements.

Caisy is a flexible and scalable CMS that allows users to easily manage and organize content, without the need for a traditional monolithic application. It provides a set of tools that enable users to edit or integrate custom content into their applications quickly and easily. In this documentation, you will find detailed information on how to work with caisy, as well as how to use its various features and functions. We hope you find this information helpful and that it enables you to create engaging and dynamic content-driven experiences with caisy.

Quickstart for users

Here is an initial overview of the individual functions of caisy and how you can use it to quickly edit or modify your content.

Managing and editing content

Here you will learn how to handle documents, for example how to manage, edit or link them. You will then know what templates or assets are or how to deal with scheduling or translations.

Working with caisy

Structure your documents to find them faster, see the features of the rich text editor or get the document links. This and much more you will learn in this section.

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