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Maximum simplicity combined with a flexibility that meets all your needs and empowers you to build anything for any device

Fast and well structured websites for the best User Experience


Custom Data Models with Blueprints

Effortlessly define your content structure using caisy's innovative blueprint functionality. Craft tailored documents and components that cater to different levels of granularity, delivering a versatile and adaptable solution for every project's unique requirements. Simplify content management while maintaining full control over your data and presentation across platforms.


Efficient Project Management

Expedite your website creation process with caisy's multi-client capabilities. Easily switch between organizations and projects, duplicate existing ones, and utilize starter templates to save countless hours, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional websites.


Modular Content Building Blocks

Construct websites with ease using caisy's component system. Developers code reusable content blocks designed by designers, which editors can then assemble effortlessly to create complex designs and layouts, streamlining the entire website creation process.

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Flexible Development Options

Empower developers to create websites using their preferred technology with caisy's powerful GraphQL API. Access examples, documentation, and starters for popular web frameworks like Next.js, Nuxt, Svelte, and Astro, providing a versatile solution for website creation.

Designed for every use case
on any platform

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Mobile applications

Create Apps that display perfectly on all smartphones and deliver personalized content to your users wherever they are

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Management of multiple clients

Manage all your clients and projects in one central hub with one interface. Switch between them easily and save yourself plenty of time

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Offer a shopping experience that not only meets but exceeds current standards, with the possibility to integrate microservices

Join happy customers and partners
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Working with caisy has been a great experience. The team is always there for us and we feel that we can offer our customers the fastest and most stable CMS available.

Johannes Herzer, CEO @DOORBOOST

Thanks to caisy's modular concept and API-first approach, we are able to publish new content and setting up campaigns in hours instead of weeks.

Markus Hölderle, Head of Business Development @LEICHT Küchen AG