Built to fulfill marketers’ needs

Create and manage pages, apps and content without the need for developers’ help

Thanks to caisy's modular concept and API-first approach, we are able to publish new content and setting up campaigns in hours instead of weeks.

Markus Hölderle, Head of Business Development @LEICHT Küchen AG

Create better content

With Caisy your digital marketers can create new pages and make changes on their own. The interface is simple while offering full flexibility to design anything. Caisy empowers you to publish your best content ever

Boost your SEO

Our headless system guarantees you speed and scalability. Develop well-structured pages that let users find what they are looking for in seconds. Watch your bounce rate drop while enjoying SEO advantages

Reach more people

Ranking higher while offering better content enables you to reach a much bigger audience. Transfer brand messages quicker in any language, reaching all the devices you want