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You want quick development with no limitations? Try a CMS that supports you as a developer

Features that will make you
fall in love with caisy


“Is this possible?” - a question you’ll never ask again with caisy. We offer endless possibilities to extend your customers’ experience inside caisy with UI-extensions. Feel free to integrate your favorite tools


Starter templates

Get started in no time with our intuitive and guided starter templates. The templates to build a blog or a multilingual marketing sites are the perfect foundation for your work with caisy.

Graphql API. Typescript SDK.

Find every single request in the caisy-app in our Graphql API and Typescript SDK. Enjoy the freedom of using your language of choice with the Graphql API or easily get started in your node.js project with our SDK


End-to-end image solution

In caisy you only have to upload your assets once. Upload easily through drag and dropping them anywhere in your project. We will detect all meta information and make them searchable. As a developer you got all sizes and formats of an image generated for you on the fly

Migrate, Scale, Reuse

Thanks to our powerful CLI that supports generic import and export formats of data you can import old customer projects with ease. Use the export and import to scale your organization structure to the limit. Caisy is designed for recycling components and build around reusing existing work from project to project. Your setup can be either described as code or you build in the UI - You’re able to switch any time

Open Source SDK, Editor, Renderer, Component Engine

Sharing is caring! That’s why caisy shares everything possible with the community to allow developers to play around and tweek every tiny bit of their experience


The new way
of content management

See what you’re building with a live preview,
schedule your content and more. Check out all of caisy’s amazing features
for a more efficient way of working with content.