Multitasking made easy

You need to manage multiple clients and projects? Then caisy is the CMS that will make your daily work a lot more convenient

Multi tenant handling:
Save up to 6 hours a week


Project and client switching

Multitasking at its best: You’re working on different projects at the same time? Organize them all in caisy and switch between them in seconds. Save up to 6 hours a week


Perfectly map the organizational structure

Organize your assets in caisy, always keep a clear overview and quickly find what you’re looking for


Efficient collaboration

The perfect CMS for teams: Work together on projects smoothly and avoid long feedback loops thanks to comments, messages, assignments of roles and tasks and other features

Simplify your work with a headless system

The content you create once can be delivered to any device you choose. Changes you make will appear everywhere automatically. A system that simplifies processes and saves you and your team time, nerves and of course money.



Work together in the most efficient way with comments, messages, tasks and more. Create and optimize your content together as a team and make everybody feel included. Collaboration with caisy goes intuitively

The new way
of content management

See what you’re building with a live preview,
schedule your content and more. Check out all of caisy’s amazing features
for a more efficient way of working with content.

Work smarter and enable your teams to spend their time focusing on what they do best:
Creating content.