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Follow our journey with the caisy roadmap
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At caisy we are improving and developing features constantly

Our goal is to provide you with the best user experience
and to satisfy all your needs with one CMS

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Thanks to caisy's modular concept and API-first approach, we are able to publish new content and setting up campaigns in hours instead of weeks.

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Markus Hölderle, Head of Business Development @LEICHT Küchen AG


See what we are currently working on, what is planned in the future and what is a candidate to be discussed:

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Forms Builder

Generate ready to use forms in caisy 

Blueprint Version

A version history for your blueprints to manage them like git

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Everyone will be able to make their plugins, themes, and so on accessible in the Marketplace, and all caisy users will be able to install and use them on their projects.

Task management

Manage your tasks directly in Caisy or connect them to other platforms like Jira, ClickUp, Asana, or linear.

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Live Preview

Building with caisy gets even easier. See every edit as it happens and watch your content evolve.

You wish for something else
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Work smarter and enable your teams to spend their time focusing on what they do best:
Creating content.