Simple Blog
with SvelteKit

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Simple blog starter template with SvelteKit



To run this template you must either deploy it on a hosting provider such as Vercel (recommended) or Netlify. Otherwise you can run the example project on your locale machine on localhost. To run the project locally we expect that you know how to run a Node.js project and use the command line and git. More details on the Github readme.

About this Template

This simple blog template, powered by SvelteKit, showcases the flexibility and power of the framework. Developers can use SvelteKit to build fast, modern websites with minimal code and maximum creativity with svelte. SvelteKit also supports static site generation, partial hydration, and server-side rendering.

The template adopts Tailwind CSS, a utility-first framework that provides predefined classes for styling web elements. Tailwind CSS makes it easy for developers to create unique designs without writing CSS code. TypeScript, a superset of JavaScript that offers static type checking and more features, is also used on the site.

The template design is minimalist and responsive, adapting seamlessly to various screen sizes and devices. It comprises a home page that provides a brief introduction to the blog and a list of recent posts. The blog page displays all posts in a grid layout. Moreover, the website is SEO-optimized, featuring optimized meta tags, headings, and links for search engines. It boasts a top page speed score, ensuring fast and responsive browsing.

With the caisy integration content can be updated in real-time, ensuring that users always have access to the latest information and updates. Overall, the combination of SvelteKit and caisy offers a seamless and efficient content management system that simplifies the website development process.


Tailwind CSS