Organizations are the highest level in the Caisy structure and contain groups and projects. Both groups and projects can be created and deleted from the organization level.


Groups are a level of organization in caisy that can be used to group related projects together. This helps to create a clean and efficient project structure, making it easier to manage and work with multiple projects.


From a simple viewpoint, projects contain blueprints, documents, components, and assets. However, it's better to consider a project as serving a specific purpose. A project isn't just a collection of content. It's a collection of content with a specific goal, such as content for a marketing campaign, a homepage, a PIM system, or something else.

You will find this in your navigation menu here:

caisy screenshot interface groups and projects


In short, a blueprint provides structure and organization to your content. It consists of individual fields and acts as an outline for your content, specifying the data to be included in each document or component. A blueprint can be thought of as a "stencil" for the "drawing" that will become your document or component.

→ more on blueprint modeling

→ In our use case, the starter project already has all the necessary blueprints created, so you can skip the step of creating new blueprints.


The document editor is where you add content to your document. It may have a different appearance based on the type of content you are working with, but generally, it will resemble the screenshot provided.

caisy screenshot interface document green background


The Component Editor is the place where you can add content to your component. The appearance of the editor may vary depending on the type of content you are working with, but it will generally look similar to the provided screenshot. It is commonly associated with a document.

caisy screenshot interface components published
caisy screenshot interface link component gallary

UI Extensions

A UI Extension allows developers to extend the basic functionality of the Caisy web app.

UI extensions can enhance the functionality of the Caisy web app by updating an existing field or by creating new features. For example, a UI extension could provide a custom interface for editing JSON fields or integrating third-party data into Caisy. Other examples include adding a custom field to search and retrieve Shopify product extensions or creating an image hotspot component.

caisy screenshot interface ui extension


External API
You are using the external API when you access data from your project using GraphQL in the Playground.

Internal API

Whenever you use the Caisy UI, all data is fetched with the internal API through GraphQL using the /caisy/graphql endpoint.