Why we work with roles

In caisy, every user has certain roles concerning the projects he or she is involved with. This makes it easier to keep an overview while working with the system and to avoid mistakes. Depending on your role, you are allowed to view, access, and edit content. That means, if you cannot find or open something, it will most probably not concern you. This leads to less confusion during the process. If you want to check your own and other colleagues’ roles, you can always select a project and move to the settings. Under the menu point “Members” (1), you will see the section “Project role” (2) that shows you all the team members of the specific project and their assigned roles.

caisy screenshot interface different roles

Roles in caisy

To structure your projects perfectly, it is essential to know the different roles in caisy and their meanings. Most of the time, the names of the roles will already tell you their functions. In each group, you have the roles of:




A viewer can access and view the documents of the project but is not authorized to make any changes.


A contributor supports a project by editing content. In contrary to other roles, like the editor, he is not authorized to create new documents.


An editor actively works on a project on a regular basis. An editor can create and edit content, but cannot see the menu item “Development“ and is not authorized to operate admin functions. 


The administrator is in charge. He or she has access to all sections of a project and can also invite new users, assign and change the roles.


The owner of a project can access all areas, invite new users, assign and change roles.


A developer can create and edit content like an editor and has other possibilities to optimize the work under the menu item “Development”.


A guest is an automatic function assigned by the system. For example, if a team member has been added to a project but not to the parent group or organization, he will only have the guest role there, which has no rights.

Assigning and changing roles

Once you click on a group, project or organization you have the possibility to see the “Members“ (1). Under the menu point “Members“ (1), caisy shows you all the users assigned to the project, group or organization and lets you search for specific persons. The last column (2) (“Role”) shows you which role is assigned to each user. If you have the right to do so, you can also change the roles here, by clicking on the button with the three dots (3). A popup appears where you can easily change the user role (4).

caisy screenshot interface change rolls