About caisy

Headless technology

Caisy enables you to keep all your content in one central hub with the opportunity to distribute anything to any device. This works thanks to headless technology, meaning you can deliver content through any channel and to whatever device you want to.

What is possible?

You want your content to be updated on homepages, apps, and smart devices at the same time? No problem. With caisy you’re able to create, store, distribute and reuse any type of content that can be consumed online. Caisy is the perfect CMS for editors, marketers, agencies, enterprise, e-commerce and anybody who works with content. Experience the freedom of building and changing your digital presence with streamlined content management.

caisy graphic artwork functionality with caisy logo

Structured content

Once you decide to work with caisy, we will start building content models especially for your needs together. By breaking down content into manageable components and using blueprints, you and your team can easily build and reuse content, ensuring consistent and efficient publication.

In other words, every type of content you use (or may want to use) has its own field in the CMS. Structuring content like this is efficient and ensures consistency throughout all your publications. More detailed information about components and blueprints will follow further on in the guide.