Organizations, groups & projects

What is the difference?

Caisy allows you to work on multiple projects simultaneously with different groups and organizations, making it easy and efficient to switch between them.

caisy graphic artwork organization group and projects

If you are an agency, for example, having all your work for different organizations (clients) located in one central system will save you lots of time and effort.

Within your organizations are your corresponding projects. For a better overview you can group these projects into different groups.

caisy screenshot interface groups and projects

The upper left corner of the interface, directly under the blue Caisy logo, features three buttons with letters (or icon, if you already uploaded one) (1). The upper lateraly offset button shows you the initial letter (or icon, if you already uploaded) of the organization (2) you’re currently working for. By hovering your cursor over the button, you will receive a quick overview of which organization (3), group (4), and project (5) you are busy with at the moment.


You want to quickly switch to another organization? No problem! Just click on the first laterally offset icon (1) in the upper left corner and a field will appear that shows you the logo and name of the organization you are currently working at. In the upper right corner of that window, you’ll be able to search for other organizations by clicking the “Switch organization”-button (2). Of course ist also possible to search for organizations if you have a lot of them (3).

caisy screenshot interface search group switch organizations


The window that pops up once you click on the second icon (1) in the upper left corner of the screen shows you the different groups (2) you are part of. Here you can also search for other groups (3) or create a new one (4). To create a group, just click on “Create new group” (4) and choose a name.

caisy screenshot interface group numbers explination

You will now be taken to the creation page of your new group. The first item here is “Members” (1). This is where you can invite new members (2), change their user role (3) or remove (4) other members from this group.

caisy screenshot interface group member change group role delete member

Underneath the point “Members” on the left, you can see “Projects” (1), too. After clicking on that, you can create and assign projects to your new group with the button “Add project” (2) in the upper right corner.

caisy screenshot interface groups add project

Right underneath “Projects” is the option “General settings” (1). This is where you can give your group a more individual touch, by uploading a picture (2), writing a group description (3), and changing the name (4). And this is where you can also quickly delete a group (5), when you don't need it anymore.

caisy screenshot interface account general settings name profile picture


Working on several projects at the same time? That can be stressful. But with caisy, it's easier than ever before. By clicking on the second icon in the upper left corner, that shows the initial letter or icon of your current project (1), you see the different projects you are part of. Here you can search (2) for projects, switch between them (3), and create new projects (4). To create a new project, just click on the “create new project”-button (4).

caisy screenshot interface projects and groups

Next, you can choose between starting an empty project (1) or saving time and copying an existing project (2) to reuse some of the work you have already done. To copy an existing project, you can search for the project and then select the parts that you want to copy into your new project.

caisy screenshot interface create new project

If you want to start a completely new project, you’ll be first asked to choose a name and click on “Add new”. A new window will open where you can create or edit documents (1), components (2) as well as assets (3). You can also change the settings of your project (4).

caisy screenshot interface project screen

To reuse parts of an existing project, choose “New from existing project”. Now you can search for the old project and give a name to your new one. A window opens up that lets you choose the parts (1) that you want to transfer to your new project. Select these parts with the blue checkmark and click on “Continue” (2) afterwards. After the project has been successfully duplicated press “Procceed to the Project“-button to start editing the new project.

caisy screenshot interface demo test projects

How to move projects

It might happen that you want to move a project from one group to another. In that case, move to “Your Account” (1), using the icon in the lower left corner and select “Your Projects” (2). Now use the text search (3) to look for a project you want to move.

caisy screenshot interface account project access

On the right, next to the project name and role you’ll find a button with three dots (1). By clicking on that button a small menu opens up. Here you have the option to “Move project” (2).

caisy screenshot interface project management explination

Another window will open up, showing you which group (1) the project is assigned to at the moment. Right underneath you can select the new group (2) with a drop-down-menu. Once everything is fixed, press the “Move”-button.

caisy screenshot interface move projects

Afterwards a notification will pop up in the lower right hand corner to confirm “Project successfully moved”.

Editing organizations/groups/projects

With caisy, it's easy to make changes to your organizations, groups or projects at any time. Simply click the icon in the lower left corner and select “Your Account” (1). From there, you can choose the organization, group, or project (2) you want to edit and make any necessary adjustments with ease.

caisy screenshot interface your account project search details

Choose an organization, group or project by clicking on it or klick on the “Three dots”-button (3) on the right side of each organization, group or project and select “Details” (2). Only for projects press the “Settings”-button (3) which is the lowest icon of the menu bar on the left. For organizations and groups there is no further button. You go directly to the settings. On the respective setting page you can adjust various settings. Depending on whether an organization, a group or a project has been selected, you can set the following, for example: manage members, modify general settings, access API keys, configure previews, set locales, or view the audit log in the Development section.

caisy interface screenshot shared views documets