Your workspace

Where to expect what?

Here is an introduction of the general screen and where you can expect to find what in caisy: 

caisy screenshot user interface numbers with explination
  • Organizer (1)

  • Documents (2)

  • Assets (3)

  • Scheduling (4)

  • Blueprints (5)

  • Playground (6)

  • Project settings (7)

  • Chatbot: help (8)

  • User settings (9)

  • Asset upload (10)

  • Selection of working area (11)

  • Working area (12)

  • Action button (13)


In the upper left corner, right beneath the caisy logo, there are two buttons (1) that let you switch between different organizations (2), groups (3) and projects (4).

caisy screenshot interface organizer overview with numbers


The menu is located on the left as a vertical side bar.

caisy screenshot interface sidebar explination
  • Here you will find your “Documents” (1)

  • Shows you all “Assets” (2) you have in your project (images, pdfs, word files etc.)

  • “Scheduling” (3) the publishing or unpublishing of your documents

  • The “Blueprints” (4) are the basic of all your work

  • “Playground” (5) is a tool for developers to try out graphql queries

  • All projects have changeable “Project settings” (6)

Account and Upload

In the lower left corner is an icon with the initial letter – or, if uploaded, profile picture – of the current user. This is where you can switch to your “Personal section” (1) to adjust the “Account settings” and more. Underneath the picture/the initials you find the “Upload”-button (2), where you can easily upload new assets.

caisy screenshot interface aacount and upload


The upper right corner is where the “Create”-button (1) is located. Here you’re able to create something new, for example documents.

caisy screenshot interface create documents

Navigating back and forth

Scared of getting lost? No worries. In caisy you will always find your way back thanks to the “Back”-button (1): an arrow to the left in the upper left corner.

Still, most of the time you won’t see or need that button, as the majority of the CMS is easily accessible through clickable sections, making it simple to navigate to your desired location. Wherever you want to go, just click there.

caisy screenshot interface back button

Handle multiple entries

You might want to unpublish several documents or delete several assets at once? Then there is a tool bar (1) at the bottom of each section (documents, assets, scheduling and blueprints) in caisy. This will be visible when multiple entries are selected. Depending on the section, these entries can be duplicated (2), published (3), unpublished (4) or deleted (5) at the same time.

caisy screenshot interface multiple document publishing