What are assets in caisy?

Of course, you want your digital content to be diverse and vivid in order to attract and keep your users. That is why you might use images, videos, PDFs, audio files, or other media sources. All of these media assets can be stored and managed in caisy. You will find the “Assets”-section (1) under the second icon of the menu row on the left.

caisy screenshot interface assets overview

Here you have access to all your media files and can search, edit, delete, change the status or create new assets.

Search for assets

Whenever you're looking for a specific media asset, you can use the empty line next to the magnifying glass at the top (1) and enter your search text. All assets that fit this text will show up. If you just click on the empty line without writing anything, a popup (2) will open where you can also search for assets using filter options. These filters can be author, data type, meta information, and more.

caisy screenshot interface search assets

Once you have decided to filter by the stored image description, for example, the search line shows you: “Description” “is” “(empty field)” (1). You can now enter the description you are looking for in the empty field and all the matching assets will appear as results. You can also choose between two ways in which the assets are presented to you. Underneath the search line, on the right, there are two small symbols. The left one shows lines (2). Clicking on this button will make the assets appear in lines, one below the other. Clicking on the other icon on the right (3) arranges the assets in a grid so that the content of photos, for example, can be seen directly. With the little bar (4) to the left of both icons, you can change the image sizes.

caisy screenshot interface asset library search engin

Creating new assets

In the upper right corner of the assets page, there is the “Create” button (1). This is where you click to add a new asset. After clicking “Create,” your finder (2) will open, allowing you to select one or more assets you want to add to Caisy. The newest uploaded asset appears at the top of the list (or, if you selected the grid view, at the beginning of the grid). Now you can edit and publish the asset.

caisy screenshot interface create assets upload pictures

Editing assets

"To edit an asset, you can simply click on the asset, and the editing interface opens up automatically. In the upper left corner, you will see the name of the asset (1) that you can now edit. Under the name, there is a line with different tabs (2). Under each tab, there are several fields (3) where you can make changes. Don't forget to publish when you are done with the changes. You can also preview (4) the asset, edit (5) if it is a pixel image, or download (6), as well as delete (7) the asset.

caisy screenshot interface document with asset

Image editing in caisy

You have an image that you want to publish in a project but it needs editing first? Then you no longer need an additional program for this. Instead, you can upload your images directly as assets in caisy and even edit them conveniently in the system. 

Caisy enables you to edit basics (1) like cropping and rotating your picture, but you can also play with finetuning (2), for example by changing the brightness, contrast, saturation and opacity. With the “Back-and-forth”-button (3) you can display your changes step by step backwards or forwards at any time.

To edit an image, you can just click on the asset and in the editing interface you will find a preview image and below the image there is the button “Edit”.

caisy screenshot interface image editor

Once you are ready to publish your asset, in the upper right corner of the editing-page you’ll find the “Save”-button (4). When you click this button, you have two options: you can either overwrite the existing image or create a new one.