What are documents?

Once you access a project in caisy, you will find yourself in the “Document” (2) and "Component”-section (1). Or you can manually access it by selecting the first menu point (dark blue) on the left.

caisy screenshot interface documents

Each project consists of a variety of documents (3).

For example: The work on a homepage is a project. Inside this project, there are different documents for each part of the homepage that needs to be filled with content. In this case, the documents in the project can be the landing page, an article, a picture gallery or a navigation entry. Documents can be copied, linked to each other and to specific pages. All of this saves you time and helps structure your projects.

Searching for documents

Whether you are working on large or small projects, you don't want to lose any of your work – or spend hours searching for it. Often a certain document needs to be changed or reviewed quickly. This is where caisy's search option helps. You can search for a specific type of document with predefined so-called “Views" (1) on the left. The Full Text Search (2) (the empty line with the magnifier above the documents table) also lets you search for words and names of documents quickly.

caisy screenshot interface documents shared view search engine

Creating and editing documents

How to create a document

In the upper right corner of the document-page you’ll find the button “Create” (1). By clicking on that button, you can easily create a new document by choosing from different “Blueprints” (2). To find the right blueprint you can search (3) them by title or, if the blueprints are tagged, you can narrow your search by selecting the appropriate tag (4).

caisy screenshot interface create document

After selecting the right blueprint by clicking on it, the next page will open where you can fill the fields (1) of your new document with content. You can then choose to publish (2) it now or later, as the draft will be automatically saved by caisy's auto-save function. No worries. :)

caisy screenshot interface edit document meta data

How to edit a document

To edit an existing document, you need to find and select the right document first. After clicking on it, the document and its content (structured into fields and components) will open for you to read and edit. If the document is larger, it can be helpful to use the document structure to quickly find and jump to the desired field. To do so, click on the symbol with the three lines (1) in the upper left corner, directly above the first field. In the upper right corner, there is the button that says “Change state” (2) with a drop-down menu to let you either publish or unpublish the document. You can also click on the “Eye”-button (3) to see a preview of what the published version of your document looks like.

caisy screenshot interface document structure change state