Possibilities of content scheduling

Planning releases is nothing new. Publishing content on a regular basis and according to a calendar with specific dates and times has proven quite useful in digital marketing. Still, it is stressful for editors to always be ready at the right times. But this is where a helpful caisy feature comes into play: scheduling. Whenever you have time or feel inspired, you can preproduce new content. Then schedule the release for a suitable time and sit back.

You get to the “Scheduling”-section (1) by clicking on the third icon (the calendar symbol) in the menu bar on the left.

Headless CMS with scheduling

Release calendar 

Once you opened the “Scheduling”-section you can immediately check your release calendar (1) on the left. The calendar shows you the current date as a blue circle and the upcoming releases with red dots above the day number. Beneath the calendar you see a summary of the total schedules (2) and the number of schedules for the current month.

caisy screenshot interface scheduling documents calendar function

Upcoming, unscheduled, past

At the top of the page there are three sections that divide the releases into “Upcoming” (1), “Unscheduled” (2) and “Past” (3). By clicking on each of the buttons, you will see a list of the releases that are either 

  • upcoming, meaning they are scheduled with a specific date and time, 

  • unscheduled, meaning they don’t have a fixed release time yet, or 

  • past, which means that they have already been published.

caisy screenshot interface upcoming unscheduled past

Creating new releases

In the upper right corner of the “Scheduling”-section, you find a button that says “Create release” (1). By clicking on that button, a popup (2) opens where you can name your new upcoming release and continue. 

caisy screenshot interface create release

On the next page, you can change the internal release name (1) again and link the document(s) by clicking “Add documents to release“ (2) to the content that should be released. Just select the documents you want to add and click the “Link selected documents”-button (3).

caisy screenshot interface ad document to release date

On the top right side (1), you first select whether you want to publish or stop publishing the documents. Be careful here: if a document is to be published in the future, the status must be draft – and vice versa, if a document is not to be visible in the future, the status must be published at the moment. A little further down, you see a calendar (2). This is where your release is scheduled. Just click on a date, select a time (3) – be sure to choose the right time zone (4) – and confirm the scheduled release by clicking on the “Schedule release”-button (5) in the upper right corner.

caisy screenshot interface sheduling documents

That's it! Now the new scheduled release should show up in the “Upcoming”-page (1) of the “Scheduling”-section. And of course, the number of total schedules in the summary (2) underneath the calendar should have gone up, too.

caisy screenshot interface releases upcoming projects

Publish and unpublish a document

Whether you're looking at an overview or you're inside a document, you might notice the status that is either set to "Published" or "Draft". To change the status, open a document by clicking on it. In the upper right-hand corner, you'll see a blue button saying "Change state" (1). After clicking on that button, you can choose between "Publish" (2) and "Unpublish" (3) by clicking on the preferred option. After clicking "Unpublish", the current status will be "Draft". After clicking "Publish", the status will be "Published".

caisy screenshot interface change state publish/ unpublish