What are components?

To make content management quicker and easier, caisy works with reusable components (1) that can be defined individually. Depending on the type of content users want to produce, edit, and manage there are different components available to structure it logically.

Let's say you regularly want to publish a newsletter with the same structure, the header of this newsletter could be a component. Then you start your newsletter, select the components and fill them with content. In the case of the header, you choose the header you want from your assets and then move on to the next component. This could be a text, a picture, a button or anything you need for your newsletter to look appealing and make sense. By clicking on the component icon (2) in the component overview list you get to see a preview (3) of the corresponding component.

caisy screenshot interface component preview

Search for components

Whenever you want to search for a specific component, open the “Documents”-section (1). Right in the upper part of the page, in the first row, you can click on the button “Components” (2) that is located to the right of the “Documents”-button. Here you're able to easily search for a component using the Full Text Search (3) or the predefined views (4) in the left sidebar.

caisy screenshot interface serach components

Creating and editing components

How to create a component

Creating new components works the same way as creating new documents. Once you have selected “Components” (1) in the documents section, in the upper right corner, you will find the “Create”-button (2). Here you can select a component blueprint and create a new component. To find the right blueprint, you can search (3) for them, and if the blueprints are tagged, you can narrow your search by selecting the appropriate tag (4).

caisy screenshot interface create component


How to edit a component

After searching and clicking on the component you want to edit, a new page will open where you can see what the component contains and make changes.

caisy screenshot interface component based document