How to translate your content

Go international! In Caisy, you can easily publish your content in multiple languages. When you're inside a document, there's a column on the right side with configurations and details.

Under configurations, you'll find a drop-down menu labeled "Translations" (1). Here, you can select the languages defined for your project that you want your content to be translated into. To activate the translations, simply switch the button next to the language (2) to green.

caisy screenshot interface language translation select localization

Add Translations

You need more languages? No problem.

If you want to translate your content into more languages than are currently available in caisy, you can add new ones. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Go to the settings by clicking on the wheel icon in the menu bar on the left.

  • Click on “Development” in the newly opened menu.

  • Choose “Locales”.

  • You'll see a list of available languages. You can delete or edit a language by clicking the three dots button on the right.

caisy screenshot interface development locales projects

This is how you can easily add new languages:

  • Click on “Add new locale” (1) in the upper right corner.

  • A window will open where you can enter the name of the language.

  • In the second field, select the language format from a drop-down menu (2).

  • Choose the fallback option for the translation (3).

  • Select “Save changes” (3).

Your new language will appear among the available languages after you save the changes.

caisy screenshot interface new locales

How to make a document translatable

Usually your document is already prepared for translation of your content. However, if this is not the case, find the blueprint of your document in the ”Blueprint”-section (1) , open it, select the appropriate type of content (2) you want to localize and open the field settings (3) (you can only see this icon by hovering over a field).

caisy screenshot interface blueprint document

A new window will open up in which you can make adjustments to the blueprint-field. To activate localization, move to “Advanced settings” (1) and click on the grey button next to “Localization” (2).

caisy screenshot interface advanced options localization

When this grey button next to “Localization” turns green (by clicking on it), localization is activated and the content in the field will be translatable to the languages of your choice. Make sure to click the blue “Save blueprint”-button (3) afterwards.