Why blueprints?

Blueprints here, blueprints there – While working with caisy you will often encounter this term and maybe wonder what it means? Blueprints make your content editing and managing a lot easier, as they were designed to perfectly fit the types of content that occur in your everyday work. Once you know how to use the different blueprints available to you, filling them with content becomes a routine. Blueprints also provide a consistent look of your content across all devices, so your users never get confused and know where to get the information they are looking for. You find the “Blueprint”-section (1) in the left menu column at the fourth position from the top.

caisy screenshot interface blueprint overview

How to build new blueprints

You’re working on a project where none of the blueprints are suitable? That is no problem, as you can always add new ones. After clicking on the blueprint item you have access to all the blueprints available to your company, structured into documents and components. In the upper right corner there is the “Create”-button (1) with a drop down menu. When building a new blueprint, you first have to choose between creating a document (2) or a component (3) blueprint by clicking on one of the options.

caisy screenshot interface document and component blueprint

Then a window opens where you need to fill in some information about the blueprint you are about to create, such as a title (1), a description (2), and an API (3). You can select or create search tags (4) and decide whether you want this blueprint to be unique (5) or allow mutations (6). For component blueprints, you can also add a preview image (7)

caisy screenshot interface create document blueprint

caisy screenshot interface create compnent blueprint

By clicking on “Create document blueprint” or “Create component blueprint”, a new page opens up where you can start to create your new blueprint. To fill it with content, select the fields you want to include in your blueprint (1) from the list (2) on the right and arrange them in order via drag and drop.

caisy screenshot interface field settings

You can adjust settings (3), validations (4) and advanced options (5) for each field individually. Work quickly with the “Undo”- and “Redo”-buttons (6). Once you are satisfied with the new blueprint click “Save” (7). If you need the same field more than once, just click “Save and add again” (7) to add the same field a second time.

Changing blueprints

You want to change an existing blueprint? Easy. You first need to search for it in the “Blueprints”-section (1). Just type your text into the empty line next to the magnifying glass (2) at the top and search for the right blueprints. By clicking on it (3), you enter the blueprint and can then make changes to anything that it contains.

caisy screenshot interface blueprints edit delete

If you only want to edit the information of the blueprint, such as its title, click on the button with the three dots (4) to the right of the API name and tags. Here, you can choose "Edit blueprint" (5), and a window with the editable information will open. Under this button, you can also choose "Delete blueprint" (6) to delete the entire blueprint.

To actually change a blueprint, click into the field you want to edit (here, the second string field) (1) and change the settings (2) to the desired values. Then, save (3) the settings. Do the same with all fields you want to change. Once you are sure that you are done with everything, you have to save the blueprint itself (4), otherwise, the changed fields will not be applied.

caisy screenshot interface edit bleuprint