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When working on a new project, you might not want to publish everything right away. That is why caisy offers you to use different publishing states and save your work as a draft. 

Let's look at an example: You create a new document. In the upper-right corner, you see the publish button, which you can click whenever you're ready to present the document to your users. Right underneath, you can check the current state of your document. As in this example, you just started it, the state shows "draft" (1).

caisy screenshot interface document current status draft

Your progress inside this draft  is being autosaved constantly, so if you want to stop working at it and continue later, you can just close the document without worrying.


Once a document is published, it is online, shareable, and visible to any user. Inside the document, the current state shows “published” (1), and in the upper right corner, you have the possibility to click “change state” (2) to unpublish (3) it again. An unpublished document changes back to a draft and can be published again at any time.

caisy screenshot interface explination interface publish/ unpublish


After you (or somebody who did not create it) has made changes to a document that is published or not yet, the state will show “changed” (1) and indicate the user (2) who last opened it. Now the creator of the document can see that changes were made to the draft or published document and by whom. Of course, a changed document can always be published, too.

caisy screenshot interface document author and status
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