Linking assets, documents or components

After finishing work on a document or component, you might want to link it to a certain other document, for example, a home page. You may also want to link an asset. This works in exactly the same way as linking documents or components. So let's get to it:

First, choose the page-document by clicking on it. In one or several places (depending on the type of field you are working on), you will see the option “Link existing document” (2) or “Link existing component” (1). By clicking on that button, a window opens up in which you can look for the right document(s) or component(s) to link to the page. Click on the document(s) or component(s) (3) to select them and confirm your selection with the button “Link selected documents” (4) or “Link existing components” (4) at the bottom of the window.

caisy screenshot interface linking differenet components

Of course, you can not only link existing documents but also create new ones. To do so, use the “New component” button (1) or “New document” button (2). In the following popup (for component) or list field (for document), you can select the appropriate component or blueprint and fill in the necessary information – just as usual.

caisy screenshot interface component creation

Inline or separate

There are two ways to edit a linked document. Which option is used is already defined when the blueprints are created and cannot be changed by you. You can notice the difference because an inline linking has a small arrow on the right and a separate linking has an edit button.

Inline linking

Here you edit the linked document within the main document. You can expand (1) it downwards and edit the fields.

caisy screenshot interface components linking main style

Separate linking

If separate linking is preset, click the “Edit”-button (1) and the linked document will open in a separate tab and can be edited.

caisy screenshot interface documents edit

Navigating through more than one level of document linking

You can easily keep track of many levels of linked documents in caisy. At the top of the browser you can see the order (1) in which the individual documents are linked to each other. If you click on a document name in this row, you come back to the selected document and can continue working there.

You can also use the back arrow (2) in the upper left corner to go up one level at a time.

caisy screenshot interface return