Rich text editor

What is a rich text editor?

To easily write and edit texts in caisy, use the rich text editor. Whenever you’re inside a text block, you can write your text in the provided field. Without needing to use code, you can create and structure your text right here, using tools such as bold text, headings, tables, documents, assets, and components.

For longer texts, the rich text editor in Caisy provides a floating toolbar placed directly above the selected text, making it even more user-friendly.

Structuring with headlines

Especially when you have longer text blocks, it makes sense to divide and structure them with headlines. In the icons row of the text editor, right above the text field you can type into, you see the point “Body” (1) with an arrow that symbolizes a drop-down-menu. “Body” means that right now the text you enter is categorized as normal body text. By clicking on the drop-down menu, more options will show up. You can then select text and define it as Heading 1 to 6. Heading 1 (2) should only be used as the main heading of a page. The higher the number of a heading, the smaller it will appear on the front end.

caisy screenshot interface rich text editor body heading

Using bold or italic text

In the icons row you find the symbols B (1) for bold and I (2) for italic - just like you probably know them from any other text editor (for example Microsoft Word). And using bold or italic in a text you want to publish with caisy works just the same. Once you select one of these icons (or both of them at the same time) the text you type into the text field will appear bold and/or italic. When you want to change text that is already written, just select the part you want to make bold and/or italic and click on the corresponding icon.

caisy screenshot interface bold italic text font

Some more ways to format text

caisy screenshot interface format rich text editor
  • Code (1)

  • Code-block (2)

  • Quote (3)

  • Left-justified (4)

  • Right-justified (5)

  • Centered (6)

  • Justification (7)

  • Listing (8)

  • Numeration (9)

Integrate links

In the rich text editor, you can directly integrate links (1) into your text. In the icons row you will find the link symbol. By clicking on that symbol, a small window opens where you can paste the URL (2) and the link text (3) that you want to show.

caisy screenshot interface link documents in rich text

Connect videos

Another option is to integrate videos into your text. That’s what the video-icon (1) in the rich text editor’s icon row is there for. 

After clicking on the video icon, a window opens that asks you to paste a video link (2) from any video that is uploaded somewhere (for example Youtube). Below that, you can set the desired dimensions (3) of the video, i.e., width and height in pixels, and finally decide whether users should have the option to go full screen (4).

caisy screenshot interface rich text editor video implementation

Now the video will already appear at the selected place, ready to amaze viewers.

Place tables

Sometimes it is useful to present information in tables. With the last icon in the row, the table-symbol (1), you can integrate tables of your choice into your text. Just click on the icon, and in the small window that appears, you can choose how many rows and columns (2) you want. Directly after that, the empty table appears in the text field for you to fill it with content.

caisy screenshot interface add table to a rich text

If you want to edit a table, select the desired cells, rows, or columns, and click on the table icon again to open a selection field with several options to edit the cells, rows, or columns.

caisy screenshot interface edit table rich text editor

Linking assets, documents or components

A powerful feature is the linking of assets, documents, or components directly in the rich text editor. Using the last 3 icons in the toolbar you can link assets (1), documents (2) or components (3). Click on one of the icons and you will be asked if you want to select an existing (3) or a new (4) file. In case of an existing file, the respective popup opens with the assets, documents or components available in the system. If you want to create a new file, you can upload a new file for assets and select the predefined blueprints for documents or components.

caisy screenshot interface rich text linking documents