What are views?

Work with caisy and enjoy the view(s)!

With views and sections you can easily set the navigation for your project or assets.

A view is a list of filters that filter the main content list according to various criteria. This provides a better overview, for example, by allowing you to see only the content types or assets that are relevant to your work. 

You can save a view that suits you as a shortcut (1) in the sidebar, so that you always have quick access to it. Multiple views can be organized into sections (2) so you don't get confused.

caisy screenshot interface overview
  • “Shared views” (3) are views that are shared by the members of the project.

  • “Personal views” (4) are a list of views that are used only by yourself.

  • “Pinned Views” (5) is where you can set up quick views for specific types of content that you access particularly frequently.

  • “Default views” (6) folder is available by default.

Creating new views

To create a new view, use the search and filter functions (1) to filter by your desired criteria. Then click the “Save as view” button (2) next to the search bar on the right side, write a name and choose a section (4) (“Default views” is preset) (3). You can choose between two options: Making your view available for all users (5) (shared views) or for personal use only (5) (personal views). Next click on “Save view” (6). A new view is created in the sidebar with the name of your new saved view, placed in the section you have chosen. Alternatively, you can click on “Save & Pin view“ (7), and the view is also saved in the “Pinned view” section for quick and frequent access.

caisy screenshot interface save view available for all members

Editing Views

caisy screenshot interface documents different options

Want to make some changes to how your views are arranged? You can pin (1) or delete (2) them. It is possible to change the order of views with drag and drop (3).

Sections for more order in views

Sections are made to structure the views and to have a better overview. Individual views can be stored in a section. Plus: These sections can be expanded and collapsed.

Create Sections

At the bottom right of the Browser window you will find the “Add new section”-button (1). Enter a name in the pop-up window (2) and save the section (3). Then you can move already saved views from default into the sections, or choose the appropriate section when saving a new view.

caisy screenshot interface ad new section

Edit Sections

It is possible to edit a section: You can change the name (1) or delete (2) the section. Attention: if you delete a section that contains views, the views will be moved to the default section (3). To change the order of sections just use drag and drop.

caisy screenshot interface edit section remove pages