Versioning and duplicating




You’re not happy with the changes you made? No problem, because in caisy nothing is lost. When you are inside a document, in the upper right corner you see a button with three dots (1). After clicking on that, you have the choice to click on “Versions” (2) to see older published versions (3) of your work. Every time a document is published a version will be created. This way you can always take a step back, compare the versions and restart with the version that you prefer.

caisy screenshot interface versions calendar

To compare both versions you have several possibilities. First, you see all fields of the current and the previous version. But you can also choose to display only the fields where changes (1) have been made. To compare, you can either select all fields (2) of the previous version or only a specific one (3) by clicking on the shaped point in front of the item. If you cannot find the desired entry of the previous version, this may be because you have not selected the correct version. Be sure to double-check. In the upper right corner, you see list boxes for month and day (4) and you can search for a different previous version here. With “Apply changes” (5) your selection will be applied and the updated document will open. After publishing this document becomes a new version. With “Cancel” (6) or the back arrow (7) you can quickly go back to the current document. 

caisy screenshot interface versioning explination calendar, publishing


You can not only go back to older versions of your documents but also duplicate your work. Under the three dots (1) in the upper right corner, there is the point “Duplicate document” (2).

caisy screenshot interface document duplication explination

This is useful in a variety of situations, such as when you want to create another document that is very similar to another one you already created. By duplicating documents, assets, components, or even entire projects, you save yourself lots of work and time. Make it easy. :)